Last weekend was the 2016 New York Audio Show – I was completely exhausted & I didn’t even run in the Marathon!!!

It was a great show but the rooms were a bit boomy (since they were “square” in shape). However, with a bit of room treatments, we “tamed” the sound a bit…

We received from Stereophile’s Jana Dagdagan one of the Top 3 Best Sounding Rooms… see

“The Volti Audio/Vinnie Rossi/Triode Wire Labs/Fidelis room, which consisted of Rival, Volti’s new compact horn speaker ($7900/pair), a Vinnie Rossi LIO integrated amplifier (with DHT PRE, custom configured; $10,280), and a Vinnie Rossi VR120 stereo power amplifier ($4995). The analog source included Acoustic Signature’s Triple X turntable ($5795), TA-2000 tonearm ($2399), and Dynavector XX2 Mk.2 Cartridge ($1995). Triode Wire Labs cables were used throughout.

I thoroughly enjoyed Vinnie Rossi’s room at RMAF2016, so I was excited to hear his amplifiers again at this show. We listened to some Elvis at first, which showed off the system’s evenness and depth. I then requested jazz, and they put on “The Alternate Blues” from the Thorens 125th Anniversary LP, which featured Clark Terry, Freddie Hubbard, and Dizzy Gillespie. With jazz, over any other genre, balance is king—to me, at least. I was pleased to hear how well this system laid out the instruments, and how well defined Dizzy’s horn (which can sometimes come off as muddy) sounded. It was a comfort system; nostalgic, deep, and enveloping.”
John Atkinson was in our very crowded room and listened for awhile… I take that as a compliment. He took a bunch of notes but nothing has been posted yet.

Jim Austin from Stereophile was also in our room and posted this…

“My award for Most Surprising Sound goes to the Vinnie Rossi/Fidelis AV room, where the smaller (but still imposing) Volti Audio horn loudspeakers—the Rivals—belied their big (41.5″ x 19″ x 16″), aggressive-looking boxes and modest price (starting at $7900/pair) with surprisingly intimate sound, via amplification from Vinnie Rossi: the VR120 Stereo Power Amplifier ($4995) and the modular LIO Integrated amplifier, with direct-heated triode line stage, DAC, and phono-stage options ($10,280 as configured). Ricky Lee sang from the Show Biz Kids LP via an Acoustic Signature Triple X turntable with a TA-2000 tonearm and the Dynavector XX2 Mk.II cartridge ($5795, $2399, and $1995 respectively). The big bass excited some room (and possibly speaker) resonances, but overall it had good texture.”

I don’t know why it was surprising… Great sound should be expected!!! BTW, the new Volti Rival speakers (see DO NOT resonant with their 1″ thick baltic birch plywood walls & internal bracing… at a mere 125 lbs. each!!! … and of course Vinnie Rossi’s stuff “kicks ass” as usual… I was also VERY IMPRESSED with the Acoustic Signature turntable… great stuff!