We’re back from the New York Audio Show 2015… Our room was “Jam-Packed” all weekend long and we reproduced phenomenal sound!

Here’s some feedback from Stereophile writer Art Dudley… Stereophile Review – New York Audio Show 2015

“My last stop on Saturday was the room shared by Volti Audio, Vinnie Rossi Audio, and Triode Wire Labs. This nicely balanced system paired a Palmer Audio turntable/tonearm and Dynavector cartridge with a Vinnie Rossi LIO integrated amplifier that was being used as a preamplifier only ($6775 as equipped—but a full description of Rossi’s pricing structure would require more space than is available to me). Amplification honors fell to the new Vinnie Rossi VR120 stereo power amp ($4995), which uses the same ultracapacitor-isolated, twin-bank MOSFET output technology as the Rossi integrated. All cabling was by Triode Wire Labs, and included their new Spirit “75” digital interconnect ($299), which promises true 75 Ohm performance. (It’s worth noting that all of TWL’s cables are similarly affordable—and that’s a beautiful thing.) The loudspeakers were Volti’s perennially recommendable Vittora horns ($21,500/pair without Extended Low Frequency module, $25,000 with) in a gorgeous quilted bubinga veneer.”