Seven Plus — American Series

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The “Seven Plus American” is now standard with Furutech FI-11M (Cu) mains and FI-11 (Cu) C13 IEC connectors. Consisting of a massive 525 conductors, its heavy construction makes it ideal for use with very large amplifiers and massive power conditioners and regenerators in “Ultra-Fi” systems; however, it is also works very well on CD / SACD / Blu-Ray playback. However, the “Digital American” series is recommended for digital devices!

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The “Seven Plus American” is now standard with Furutech FI-11M (Cu) mains and FI-11 (Cu) C13 IEC connectors.

Consisting of a massive 525 conductors, its heavy construction makes it ideal for use with very large amplifiers and massive power conditioners and regenerators in “Ultra-Fi” systems; however, it also works very well for CD / SACD / Blu-Ray playback. See the “Digital American” series for the ultimate in digital applications. It can be used anywhere in a system but may be considered “overkill” to low-current drawing applications. Despite its very large gauge, the soft annealed metallurgical conductors remain very flexible and not stiff like other “garden-hose” power cords. Because of the artful Litzendraht braiding and carefully selected materials combined with a quality build, it produces PERFECT NATURAL PRAT (Pace, Rhythm & Timing) and will never sound slow or heavy. If you’re in the in the market for an “expensive” top of the line power cord, you should audition the “Seven Plus American” to hear what’s possible at Affordable, Audiophile prices!

  • Designed for higher power sources, such as large amplifiers (greater than 50 WPC RMS) and high current power conditioners (All-in-One) and regenerators as well as power strips / bars.
  • Works great on medium power sources as well, such as preamplifiers and lower powered amplifiers. Also, phenomenal visual results when coupled with Plasma wide-screen HDTV’s.
  • Deep Cryogenically Treated Conductors & Connectors, which is Accurate & Natural Sounding.
  • Custom Triode Wire Labs, Inc. Proprietary Design, for exceptional passive noise suppression and RFI/EMI rejection.
  • Very Flexible and User Friendly.
  • Labor-intensive, Litzendraught braided construction.
  • Hand-made and Crafted in the USA, using the best anti-oxidization and contact enhancing treatments.
  • 30-day Audition Trial – please see our Terms & Conditions.
  • Standard with Natural sounding Furutech copper C13 IEC and NEMA 5-15 plug sets.
  • One of our beefiest cables to date! Similar to the no-longer-produced “Eight American” version, but BIGGER!. The “Seven Plus” provides a significant PRAT upgrade to turntable motors… Yes, analog Turntable Motors!
  • All cords are “burned-in” at TWL, featuring an audiodharma CABLE COOKER™ Anniversary Edition HI-POWER Reference with premium all-copper billet Cardas CCGR binding posts.
  • Optional solid brass C19 IEC connector available. 
  • In-stock optional IeGO Ti2400-8055 Gold-plated European Schuko and Furutech FI-AU3112(G) (Australian / NZ) mains plug available as well as Furutech FI-UK 1363(R) NCF (UK & Ireland). Please see “drop-down” prices above.
  • Resonance controlling dielectric potting adhesive utilized.
  • Advanced Two Step Demagnetization: The use of two distinct commercial, audiophile grade demagnetizer machines, which neutralizes magnetic fields around the cable,

Triode Wire Labs is now a full-line Furutech dealer, OEM for Cardas Audio, as well as an IeGO Audio dealer. Please email us for prices, including special connector options.

Each brand-new Triode Wire Labs, Inc. Power Cable is Serial Numbered and includes an Official Triode Wire Labs Cable Certificate for Authentication as well as a User Guide for Best Audiophile Cable Management practices. All cables are shipped with an Earth-Friendly, reusable as well as biodegradable Triode Wire Labs logo drawstring bag.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Cable Length

Up to 5 ft., Up to 6ft.

Plug Type

Standard US NEMA Furutech F-11 Copper 15 amp, Copper/Brass IEC(C-19) 20 amp, Standard C7 IEC (figure 8 plug), IeGO Gold-plated copper Schuko [ $0], Furutech FI-AU3112(G) [ +$75], Furutech FI-UK 1363 NCF [ +$125]

4 reviews for Seven Plus — American Series

  1. Mike Triolo

    I purchased two 7+ power cords from Pete a few weeks ago. These replaced highly regarded power cords that I have been using for several years. The improvement the 7+ cables make in my system is significant. Greater clarity, space, three dimensionality and dynamics that are striking. Triode Wire Labs has become my reference for audiophile cables. Thank you, Pete!

    • triodewirelabs

      Hey Mike – Thank you for your kind comments! I’m glad you’re enjoying the “Seven Pluses”!

      Cheers – Pete

  2. Bob Harden

    I’m almost a month into auditioning two 7+ power cords, and I’ve heard enough to know that these are staying in my system. These cables replaced some well-known after market cables on my Primaluna Dialog HP Integrated and Isotek Aquarius power conditioner. I’m also auditioning Pete’s speaker cables, a set of interconnects from my DAC to the integrated, and a Digital American power cable on the DAC. The cumulative effect is pretty dramatic – more dynamic, more musical and more rhythmic. The leading edge of notes is a little more defined, which I think accounts for the rhythm, and the trailing edge seems to stay around a little longer. When I dropped in the 7+ power cords, I noticed an immediate change in dynamics. My system had more oomph! I still need some cables for my analog chain and will be buying them from Pete.

    • triodewirelabs

      Thanks Bob, for your great comments on the “Seven Plus” cables. Most of my customers and audio reviewers notice a vast improvement in dynamics, as well as “gain”, when using my cables… When backgrounds get noticeably quieter, nuances, such as micro dynamics (as well as macro dynamics) improve along with PRaT (Pace, Rhythm and Timing)! Have fun & enjoy — Pete

  3. Rick

    An excellent musical power cord, suitable for large power amplifiers.
    Each cable company has his own plugs, my seven plus is a tailored one with a custom plug.
    Pete made it possible!

    • triodewirelabs

      Thank you Rick! I’m glad you’re enjoying your “Seven Plus” power cord in The Netherlands!

      Cheers – Pete

  4. Paul

    I am using Pete’s cables for years every day! They make hi-fi gear make music instead of sound. Great dynamics and a smooth flavor. On top of that, Pete is a great guy to deal with. Highly recommended!

    • triodewirelabs

      Paul – It’s been my pleasure to facilitate the further enjoyment of your hi-fi system! Enjoy!

      Warmest regards – Pete

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