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Audiofest '15 - Herb Reichert - Stereophile
As many of you know, I used to love horns. I loved them because when the stars lined up just right, the world’s best horns could play waaaaaay closer to real life-both dynamically and scale-wise-than any audiophile speaker at any price. Jump factor pinned the needles. Unfortunately, I gave up on them years ago. Why? Because full-range horns were never truly coherent and they made solo singers and musicians appear too big. (On the good side, because they played big, horns could do opera better any little boxes.) And then, a few weeks ago I heard a giant horn system designed by Jeffrey Jackson of EMIA and (incredulously) it seemed perfect in every way-but it cost $350,000! Today at CAF I played a couple of my own CDs through the Volti Audio Vittora horns and they seemed perfect too-and a pair of Volti Vittoras costs only $25,000! The Voltis (reviewed by Art Dudley in September 2013) played my Bach Goldberg Variations (with Ito Ema at the keyboard) with a gentle liquid smoothness that exceeded any liquid smoothness I have heard before. Piano sound was among the most realistic I have ever experienced from a loudspeaker. I wrote in my listening notes that I think I could live with these for the rest of my life! Bravo Volti! (and Triode Wire Labs!)
Audiofest '15 - Art Dudley - Stereophile
The gorgeous tone of Johnny Hodges’ alto saxophone handily survived the trip through a pair of Living Voice Avatar OBX-RW loudspeakers ($11,850/pair), driven by a BorderPatrol P21 amplifier and USB NOS DAC ($9750 and $1250, respectively, with all cables and AC cords from Triode Wire Labs.
To summarize from Ron Brenay (Reviewer from New Record Day)
“If Volti Audio, Triode Wire Labs, and Border Patrol Audio have one thing in common, it would be the fact they certainly know how to make a room sound remarkable. Sitting down in room 1102 was one of those rare moments when I hear something that captivates me to the point of no return. Music poured out of these speakers with a tone that can only be described as rich, focused, 3-dimensional, engaging, and most of all, united. I have heard enough horns to know that many will check all the boxes in the bass, midrange and treble department but bridging these together with such effortless magic as Greg accomplished with the Volti Audio Vittora’s left this reviewer gobsmacked to say the least. I am not kidding around here folks, if you are tired of listening to speakers and want to know what it’s like to experience music, Volti Audio is door number one. On your way to music perfection you might as well take into account that as Greg mentions in this video, there are other forces at play to bring this level of musical enjoyment to the mix and it certainly doesn’t shock me that the well known and respected Border Patrol was reporting for duty. Tie this package together with an NRD favorite cable company “Triode Wire Labs” and you now have the holy grail in high fidelity. If you head back to room 1102 right now you will most likely find them replacing the carpet from the nail scrapes as they tried to pull me out of that room. Incredible work here and easily deserving of the RMAF 2014 Ron’s Pick Award for Best in Show.
To summarize from Ron Brenay (Reviewer from New Record Day)
“If Volti Audio, Triode Wire Labs, and Border Patrol Audio have one thing in common, it would be the fact they certainly know how to make a room sound remarkable. Sitting down in room 1102 was one of those rare moments when I hear something that captivates me to the point of no return. Music poured out of these speakers with a tone that can only be described as rich, focused, 3-dimensional, engaging, and most of all, united. I have heard enough horns to know that many will check all the boxes in the bass, midrange and treble department but bridging these together with such effortless magic as Greg accomplished with the Volti Audio Vittora’s left this reviewer gobsmacked to say the least. I am not kidding around here folks, if you are tired of listening to speakers and want to know what it’s like to experience music, Volti Audio is door number one. On your way to music perfection you might as well take into account that as Greg mentions in this video, there are other forces at play to bring this level of musical enjoyment to the mix and it certainly doesn’t shock me that the well known and respected Border Patrol was reporting for duty. Tie this package together with an NRD favorite cable company “Triode Wire Labs” and you now have the holy grail in high fidelity. If you head back to room 1102 right now you will most likely find them replacing the carpet from the nail scrapes as they tried to pull me out of that room. Incredible work here and easily deserving of the RMAF 2014 Ron’s Pick Award for Best in Show.

Customer Reviews

Your Obsession cable associated to the LH Audio barrette sounds amazing in my system! Natural, dynamic, detailed are the words, which come first. Even the image on my screen looks better! Congratulations for making such excellent cables!
See you next time!

Guillaume W. – FRANCE

Thanks Pete. Have not tried the speaker cables yet but the interconnects better my previous ones from the prestigious hand-built Harmonix and Yamamura cable-makers. Good for you!!!

Bob M – San Francisco, CA

I was in the market for some new cables for my main stereo system. I had been using a hodge podge of cables with some Audioquest Sydney interconnects, Kimber 8PR speaker cables and PS Audio AC-5 power cords. The system sounded ok, but I knew it could sound better with the right cables.

My system consists of a Parasound Halo A-21 power amp, Parasound JC-2B pre, Marantz UD-5007 DVD/SACD player, Peachtree DACitx and Goldenear Triton Two speakers and Forcefield Five sub. Not a real uber system, but a decent system.

I had heard of Triode Wire Labs cables, and their reviews but I had not heard them. I went to AXPONA and went to the Volti/Border Patrol/TWL room and I was blown away with the incredible sound I heard in that room. Now I understand that the equipment they were using in that room was ultra uber, but it is only as good as the weakest link and that would be the cables. The TWL cables delivered everything that equipment had to offer.

I ordered a complete set of TWL cables for my system, Sevens for the amp, Tens for the Pre, Speakers and Sub, Twelves for the DVD, Tuner and DAC and the American speaker cables. The TWL cables out of the box blew me away with the increase in soundstage all across the musical spectrum. The bass was tighter and deeper. The midrange was cleaner and sharper and the highs were clean and clear. It was almost like I went and bought all new stereo equipment. There was a little harshness and haze, but that is to be expected with new cables that have not been fully broken in. But for out of the box, wow!

Now that the cables are fully broken in with over 200 hours, I cannot believe that my meager system can sound so good. The sound is defined, clean and as smooth and refined as my equipment can deliver it. One of the best investments I have ever made for my stereo system.

If you are in the market to upgrade the cables in your system, look no further than TWL. You will not be disappointed! One of the best bangs for the buck in audio gear IMHO.

Jesse A – Milwaukee, WI

Improvement was very significant compared to the stock McIntosh cords and the Kimber Hero interconnect, audible immediately after I started up the system, before any warm-up or break-in. I attached one power cord at a time, then the interconnect, and each improved things, so the cumulative improvement was significant. Much, much larger and cleaner bass, smoother treble, and “blacker” background, all of which were what I had been told should result from about improved cords and cables. And things kept getting better for at least a couple of weeks. I think the power cords were and improvement over the single Kimber PK 10 power cord (with Wattgate connectors) that I previously had in the system, but that’s a close call, as I would expect it to be, considering that model of Kimber is well-regarded and somewhat similar priced.

I’ve been too busy and distracted (lazy?) to swap the Ten Plus and the Digital American to see what I can tell about their comparative performance with a digital source. I’m almost exclusively a vinyl person, rarely use a digital source, and don’t even have a high-quality digital source, so comments as to comparing those two as against each other will await another day.

Thanks. I will likely be ordering a phono cable and another interconnect in the future.

Martin M – Mercer Island, WA

OK Pete, I’m still shaking my head in disbelief. When I got home, I, of course, powered up my system to play some music.
It was a pleasant shock, to say the least, when the music started playing.
Pete, bass was clean and tight and the overall presentation just seemed to open up and bloom.

“You’ve got to be kidding me!”

Long story short, for the past 2 hours I’ve been going through my collection simply amazed at what I’ve been hearing.

The 7+ has completely transformed my system…honestly.
I am blown away.

Most importantly, I want to thank you for your patience working with me.
If a prospective customer ever needs a reference, please feel free to use me.

Greg R – Coral Springs, Fl

It has taken a little time (less than 100 hrs) for the speaker cables to come into their own but man I can’t tell you how much they have changed my entire system. There were rumors of 400 to 500 hours to get them broken in properly but with Pete burning them in it has not been bad. Up front the mids and treble are just incredible but the bass took some time to come into it’s own.  The bass was there just not quite there.  It was pronounced though so I hoped it would develop and it has. The upper end surprised me as it improved also. These cables present an incredible sound stage. Let me rephrase that. These cables allow the speakers to create an incredible sound stage with depth and clarity I didn’t know my system was capable of. To say that my system has gone up a notch or two is an understatement. There is no way I could have upgraded equipment to achieve this goal for the money spent on Pete’s cables and through this change I realize my equipment is a lot better than I thought.

I have been running through a lot of music to put the cables through their paces and one in particular is a song from Buddy Guy on his Blues Singer album called Hard Times. In it there is a subtle reverb that some systems don’t catch at all. I heard it and was astounded by how clear it is. Instruments have size and truthfulness in texture.

If you are debating or thinking about making changes in your system, I recommend trying a set of these out first. You may just find that you have a better set up than you thought or you can bet that whatever you do after getting them, you’ll know what that piece can give you. Besides if they were thought to be good enough to go on a $35k pair of speakers and get Steve Stone’s Best at RMAF, they are definitely worth a try. Thanks Pete for producing a synergistic cable that I have quickly come to love in the line up here in my humble abode.

Don F – North Carolina

So here is my review from Paris, France, about your TWL10+. After a few weeks of settling, two 1.5m TWL10+ Gold Schuko (amps), one 1.8m TWL10+ Furutech Schuko (source). The system;
Audioaéro Capitole Reference SE, McIntosh Mc501x2, Focal Micro Utopia Be, HP Nirvana Sx-Ltd, Audioprana Argent OCC Cryo XLR, Secteur Triode Wire Labs 10+.
Dedicated room, and light acoustic treatment. Direct connections in walls, dedicated lines.
How can I say? The best PC I have had! At any price, any technology! Ouch!
One word: Natural.

Actually, and to be more specific, your slogan is exactly the result, which is obtained: natural, open and balanced sound “.

The very high quality of these cables; they respect the tone of the electronics, but by glorifying it : silence, dynamics, transients, tones, focus, soundstage (3D), everything… everything… everything…
But your products do not tempt to speak about it in audiophile terms… In fact, we are talking about “natural and musical qualities”, nothing else. This is the best compliment I can do. Bravo!
Really, an incredible achievement and I think one of the best audio quality and value (in this order) of the market. Sorry for my bad english ????

David D – FRANCE

My 10 Plus power cable just arrived and as soon as I`ve put in some 50 hrs. of music through it (more or less the time it took my 12 Plus to come into their own) I`ll be glad to let you have our impression on it`s performance.  However, after just a few minutes of play two things became obvious; My system was playing louder at the same volume setting we use habitually and there was a discernible increase in low end spectrum, particularly in double bass and cello notes (Tout les matins du monde – SACD). If this performance continues to improve, I`will certainly be a most satisfied customer!

Luis C – CHILE

The cable arrived today, popped it into my amp, replacing a $850 IsoClean Premium II. I’m listening to Jennifer Warnes “Famous Blue Raincoat” – your cable is absolutely crushing the Premium II. The overall improvement in performance is in the “are you kidding me”? range!
Thanks again, I’m very impressed that you have created products of this quality at these price points. As they years go by and I get closer to retirement age, I have to be a bit more careful about where I put my $$. Being able to upgrade without breaking the bank is a good thing!

Bruce M – Martinez, California

Had to wait until Christmas to open my “surprise”! Just had to report in that I’m sitting in my listening room at the moment with a big grin on my face, as I really like what I’m hearing! I’m still breaking them in but they sound great now. These (speaker) cables are great!
Anyway, just wanted give you a quick report. I’m going to have to leave my room to be a part of the New Year’s Eve festivities but wish I could keep listening!
Take care and have a great New Year!

Steven T – Blue Springs, MO

My new American Spirit phono cables replaced a set of Nordost Heimdahl 2 phonos, which if I remember correctly cost about 2x as much. The Americans connect to an Auditorium 23 SUT mated with my Rogue Ares phono preamp. What an improvement! Big increase gain, and more everything else including sound stage, dynamics, separation of instruments, and subtleties. Quiet too.

Interesting, I’m using a single American Spirit phono with my mono set up in similar fashion but I hadn’t been able to fully appreciate your wire since it’s the only one I’ve used there. Now with a basis for comparison, I can see/hear what a superb job you’ve done. Bravo!

Jeffrey K – Bronx, NY

I’ve been listening to your Spirit Interconnects for several hours daily for the past week and my initial impressions are very favorable. Your interconnects are transparent to the source with excellent tonal balance and preserve the natural flow of the music. I’ve done some brief comparisons with other cables I own and the Spirit ICs best my Auditorium A23, WyWires Silver, and Audioquest Colorado cables in pretty much all categories and do so at a more competitive price.

Thanks for building a great cable priced so that many if not most of us can afford. I think I’ll be trying your speaker cables next.

Arnold S – Meridian, ID

Have it plugged into my DAC right now and am utterly impressed. Leagues ahead of anything I’ve ever heard/tried in my system. So many layers of detail in the music have been revealed to me. So much more detail and clarity. Clarity not at the expense of tone. Clarity as a result of a much darker background and greater harmonics. Vocals never sounded more life-like on my system. Even at low listening levels, I’m noticing so much more detail. A true testament to the greater resolution the 10+ seems to bring out of the music. I’m not sure how much better the music can sound as the cord settles in but it’s definitely got me excited. I know what’s next on my shopping list. The TWL Digital American! Consider me a firm believer in your cables. Thank you for the excellent customer service as well, being patient enough and being prompt in responding to all my queries. Hope THE Show Newport went well for you, as you very much deserve all the attention for your amazing products.


Bravo for the Silver Statement and the Obsession!!!
I’d like to thank you for these 2 excellent cables. They both offer the higher definition and quality among all other power cables I could test.
I must add that your range of cables is very rich. We can always find the good element for a given context.
I wish you the best ????

Philippe G – FRANCE

You have made me very happy! I have the cord connected to my super musical and natural sounding amplifier, which is handcrafted in the U.S.A.; the “Seven Plus” shows me the qualities of my Single-Ended Triode amplifier. The Incredible sound of your power cord amazed me, full bodied, natural sound. Super musical, gives it a pure analogue sound; warm, but not too much. Your cable has no shortcomings; Neutral, honest, does not polish raw voices, does not make a thin sounding recording bigger or so. The Attack, the Timing… Now I can hear what it really can do with the music! Atmospheric details, well balanced. Relaxed but not languid- I like slam, attack, where it needs to be, a rock concert is not a lullaby. I believe it’s the most musical cord ever made. Music is emotion too, I have heard that many times by advertisement, forget it. This cord can do it really! Tears are dropping. I dare to say that the “Seven Plus” is comparable with cables, 3-4 times its price. The most important is the sound quality but I have never seen such beautiful cord. The cable is a great piece of craftsmanship! Synergy; My loudspeakers have the tendency to work better when I have to turn up the volume, but now it is another story; I can listen by low level volume, the details are not gone. Transparent as I have ever seen; a room-filling sound!

So Pete, you are a great artist! You cannot imagine how happy you have made me with that cord. Now the music has got me as I never heard before…


The cable arrived today safely & I’m listening as I type these words. All I can say is I’m very happy with the cable. Thank you so very much! I’ve got it  running into my Belkin Pure AV PF-30 (I’ll likely try it plugged directly into the power outlet as well) and the sound has much more *whomp*. The seeming increase in power is kind of incredible. Detail and texture are superb. Instruments & voices have much room/separation in the soundstage. I’m listening via a pair of Ohm Walsh 3000s. Can’t wait to hear how the sound is after 500 hours!
I certainly hope you are in business to stay as I plan on getting a new CD player (Bryston BCD-1 or a Primare CD31) in the not too distant future & I think I’d like to outfit it with a 12 or maybe(?) a 10 gauge. I’m also planning on buying a better power conditioner/surge suppressor after that, so another 8 gauge. You’ve got another happy customer on your hands that want more!
I’ll send you more feedback @ 500 hours.

Follow-up – Just wanted to get back to you regarding the cord. I believe it’s fully broken in now and all I can say is I love it. It has settled in very nicely—sound is very natural, with just the right amount of warmth. As I said previously the space between the instruments & voices is superb, and the overall sound very dynamic.

Tom H – Springfield, IL

I felt it necessary to let you know how much I’m enjoying the recent TWL power cables I purchased from you. I typically don’t provide mfgr. feedback unless a product is over-the-top. The American Digital’s including the HC version are performing outstanding in their respective positions within my system! In addition, the 7+ ‘s on my mono amps sound awesome as well!  I’ve been using the upper-end power cables from one of the top names in the industry and upon break-in of your cables I had no desire to go back! Your cables provide a musicality that the others just can’t touch. I really didn’t plan/think I’d be replacing my previous cables but the consistent positive owner feedback, fair pricing, and your 30 day policy made trying them irresistible. I’m so glad I did! In addition to the musicality, your cables provide a very natural sound, the right balance between detail and warmth. They just sound “right”…like great HiFi is supposed to!

Along with great products Pete, your customer service, timely communications, and exacting fulfillment of commitments was very refreshing!  Keep up the great work and I wish you well in your continued endeavors!

Jay M – Fort Worth, TX

HOLY SHIT !!! ????

P.S. Thanks, you just saved me 5k, thinking I needed to buy new amps.

Roger P – Boise, ID

Just a quick note to express my complete satisfaction with your audiophile-grade power cable products. The soundstage, imaging, and overall quality of the vinyl sound improved substantially having deployed your products. I am impressed! Thanks again for the excellent customer service in addition to delivering quality products at reasonable cost. The value-to-cost-ratio is very high in my opinion. I’m surprised more people don’t know about you. I’ll do my part to pass along the accolades.

Steve W – Reno, Nevada

I love both your 10+ and 12+ cables! I did not tell you before but next to my daytime job, in my free time, I am a freelance writer for the biggest audio internet site of the Benelux (dutch only i’m afraid) and for the monthly Dutch High End magazine MusicEmotion. So you can understand that I have heard a few power cords in my time. The ones around the price point where your cables are were amongst others Siltech SP30, AH! TriAC, Essential Audio Tools and the first active power cord of Synergistic Research. Your cables give me far more pleasure! One more reason why I still hope that the 7+ will eventually arrive here. I know that your cables will sound even better in a month or two (I listen to music a lot:-)) and can hardly wait to arrive at that point. Of course I will let you know! Thanks for your wonderful cables!

Jan de Jeu – The Netherlands

“Your cord got the Mott’s. Detail, quiet, even, a touch of warmth. I have this cord on my pre-amp, and am looking forward to checking out a set on my amps. Very nicely done.”

Mike F. – PA

“Just installed a full set of Triode Pete’s cords – preamp, amp, CDP and DAC and the improvement was immediately apparent. The sound is now more detailed, open and the background is definitely blacker. I had thought the “veil being lifted” descriptions perhaps a bit hyperbolic before but now I get it…”

Dave M – PA

Your speaker cables are fantastic! They are better than cables I have had that retailed for much, much more —as I’m SURE you are aware of your price to performance.

I am getting a connection to the musical timing and intent that I have not had in a long time.

I plan on a post with a series of comments and observations ????

Thank you so much for the offer of these and I am so happy I contacted you.

Great work!

Jason R – Indianapolis, IN

The Digital American is staying. After about 200 hours break-in, the top end cooled down a bit enough to hear more detail into the recording, particularly decay, silence, etc. …and for all intents and purposes more REAL (especially the midrange). Sound staging was FAR deeper. Bass was tight and clean but reports from “rollo” on AC make me think that it may improve more. It replaced a Kaplan HE power cord that I was using on my Vega (the Kaplan was no slouch mind you!). I’ll be using the Kaplan HE on my modified OPPO 95 in the theater system.

Peter has another winner on his hands and for the price, it is a no brainer for me!

Anand R – Wilkesboro, NC

Well I have to admit you definitely have a great speaker cable here!…Even against the “top of the line” Transparent audio cables, yours exhibited a little more dynamic and slightly forward sound, in a good way. They are still perfectly smooth from top to bottom, but they have a little more life in them. The Transparent cables with the “Turtle Coffin boxes” now sounds a little “Soft” maybe pulled back or laid back. It’s still a great cable and has a nice “Esoteric” sound, however for sure what is better about your cables after they burn-in, is that it gets more of the inner detail between the speakers with a little more impact across the whole frequency spectrum.

With the Transparent cables, they might be a bit artificially smoothed out which many might find a better match in their system if they have “Hot” sounding components in the first place, which is probably why they are popular with Wilson Audio speakers, etc… That may actually be a little too analytical and the Transparent cable can help balance them out better.
In any case, your cables are very impressive and add a little more raw and real sound, they don’t cover anything up. It’s interesting as they are louder as well than the other cables we have on hand to test, I think I have noticed this in the past testing some Cryo’ed cables vs. standards it seems to make them sound more efficient many times.

At first the Transparent cables seemed to have a bit deeper bass and filled the whole floor from front to back of the room. Your cables had a little more “Boxed” in bass, but after about one hour of play that all changed and I’m getting about as good if not better bass response specifically on more delicate notes.

Your cables were a little more upfront in the beginning, but as the bass opened up, they did smooth out substantially after letting them run for about 2 hours, with really excellent balance. Even some of the more digital sounding recordings sound very analog now.

If there is any absolute determining factor for sure your cable is the most neutral with dynamics, where something like the Transparent cable sounds great, but now it is noticed that it pulls everything back a little bit more maybe making it pleasant, but it’s not as true to the recording in a raw sense.

There was no competition besides the Transparent’s; we have Audioquest, Supra, DH Labs, Kimber, Nordost etc…and none of those can be take as seriously in this case, so nothing at this level.

Thanks again, I will be in touch.

Dave M – North American Audio, Chicago, IL

I just wanted you to know that I have been very pleased with your cables. I now have (2) “Ten Plus”, (2) “Seven Plus”, and a set of jumpers.  I will be needing one more power cord for my TT in the near future and am looking forward to your upcoming interconnects. Your cables bring much more detail and openness than other aftermarket cables I have owned in the past at a fair price. Keep up the great work.

Mitch S. – Chambersburg, PA

Your speaker cables sound better than my other three speaker cables. I am looking forward to buy more cables from you later.

Tom P. – Calgary, CANADA

I’m pleased to report that after 5 weeks in my setup, your Digital American power cords are providing me with a very high level of musical enjoyment. Simply stunning!

Burning in three TWL PCs and three Furutech outlets at the same time certainly had its ups and downs (more on this below), and it’s only in the last few days that everything finally fell into place: fantastic top and bottom extension, glorious soundstage, and excellent overall balance.

1) Some highlights:

– My overall setup is still very detailed, fast and neutral, but everything now has much more harmonic complexity and layering. For example, ‘lush’ recordings sound absolutely glorious, without turning everything to syrup. Sibilants are never harsh. Cymbals and brushes are revealed in all their glory without being over the top.

– I’ve never experienced such a wonderfully deep and holographic soundstage, and it does not sound artificial or contrived. This is especially obvious when I shuffle play a bunch of recordings with very different soundstages and sonic signatures – switching from one track to the next highlights the differences, which can be quite startling as the sense of space specific to that recording suddenly reveals itself.

– Deep, fast, controlled bass.

– Annoying ‘tubbiness’ (and chestiness in vocals) has vanished.

2) It’s been an interesting journey. A year ago when I started to upgrade my system (eventually replacing every component), I was a complete skeptic when it came to power cable upgrades. At the insistence of my local shop, I tried a few PCs, but most either provided marginal improvements, or made things worse. The only ones I eventually liked were the Shunyata Alpha series, but I could not bring myself to spend that much money for the real (but not great) performance improvement they provided. This prompted some further research on the net that led me to your TWL PCs, and as they say, the rest is history. As much as I am extremely pleased with the results, I don’t believe in magic. What I do believe is that your PCs enable all the other system components to perform at their absolute peaks, and that the end result can be just wonderful.

And for that, Sir, I thank you.

Louis D – Montreal, Canada

My 12 Plus Power cord arrived last Friday, was inmediately plugged into my Oppo and now has some 50 hours of additional burn-in, although 200 hrs. is what I consider adequate.

However, my first impression is that the usual excellent dynamics, soundstage and precise detail I expect from a very good cord are all there (I`ve had quite a few cords previously for comparison). But there is definitely something different about the TWL cord, and we (my wife, who could make a German Shepherd feel deaf, is always along) have finally come to conclude that there is now a “sweetness” to music that was previously absent. Double bass and cello notes are still still deep and “raspy” but the sound now seems to gently float in the air, piano notes now sound somewhat fuller and more extended, and violins are no longer penetrating, but rather, seem to caress the listener`s ears, to the point that it would seem Salvatore Accardo finally got a better instrument. Extremely difficult to describe, but not at all a subtle difference. This is the sort of sound I was looking for, as we are more into listening to music, as opposed to permanent equipment testing, but did not expect it from a cord almost fresh out of the box. An amazing and ear-opening experience, and after a proper burn-in period, will be in contact for a 10 Plus cord which I now realize my amp desperately needs.

Luis C – Santiago, Chile

“The whole system just sounds more relaxed and effortless. It’s like the difference between an amateur musician who can play well but really has to work at it vs. a seasoned elite professional who just has the music kind of flow out of him. In terms of a detailed rundown of what changed, I can’t say I noticed anything in particular that the cable stood out as doing overly well but the total sound just had a big sense of “rightness” to it. (I always get nervous when any aspect of a component stands out as that much better than the other aspects as they usually get tiring over the long run.) When I had the tour cable at my house I tried it on both my power amp and my CDP individually and got a nice improvement on both. Pete is in the process of making up a second cord for me. I can’t wait to hear what they will sound like together. “

Tom M. – NY

“I’ve got to echo the same results (as Tom M)… These cables just let the music flow effortlessly. And like your analogy to a musician, it may all be in the timing. PRAT rules!

I’ve now got a 12awg WE and 10awg WE from Pete as well as one of his Buss cables on my Uber Buss. By far, the biggest difference/improvement was putting either of the WE power cords on my DAC/Preamp. After that the results are additive albeit in a less striking manner (at least for me, YMMV).”

Mike C – NC

I’ve had my new TWL cables for about 10 days now. They replaced stock power cords and very inexpensive Gothum signal cables which are the favorites of the dealer I purchased my system from. I have an Audion Silver Night 2A3 amp driving Rethm Trishna speakers. The source is a 47 Labs 4735 Midnight Blue CD player. I purchased a 7+ for the Audion, a Digital American for the 47 Labs and your standard IC and speaker cables. The difference is astonishing, nothing short of profound. The first thing I noticed is an exponential expansion of the sound stage. I realized that it had been very compressed. This system has amazing resolution and imaging. The 3D effect is very pronounced. With the old cables the musicians had what we perceived as great presence and clarity but had been miniature, like a 3′ tall Ella standing there singing to us. Now everything is life size. The clarity, and presence have also increased dramatically. The colors are more resonate. The whole experience feels like I’m for the first time experiencing the potential and true refinement of my system. Thank you. I could not be a happier customer of Triode Wire Labs.

Mike R – Spring Branch, TX

I wanted to thank you for the speaker cable. I am not trained to review but my ears are extremely good. I do not put much stock in voodoo or hoodoo with audio. I think that there is a very small price point where the law of diminishing returns kicks in. With that said, I have listened to your speaker cable now after a further 100 hr break in. Dammit it I didn’t hear a rather large difference in the presentation of the music. I had to step away recheck what I was hearing several times. Not only was there a greater separation between instruments, there was a distinct separation in notes…especially the strings. I do have a higher resolving system which includes a BMC CS2 integrated, an EVS modded OPPO 105D, a Sony HAP-Z1ES, and my speakers are the Scansonic MB 3.5s. I thought the bass response was lighter until at about 100 hrs of play, then I heard a great difference in harmonics, the “fill” within the music signal came in to full fruition. I purchased your cables partly because of the review from New Record Day, Ron was right…this is the end!

Mike P – Papillion, NE

My name is Irenee. I was impressed with your super fast delivery.
As for the cables, well so far, very good too. The rest of interconnects in my system are Audience AU 24 ($1,100 us /pr). I can tell you that your cables equal their performance, but will do some serious evaluating when properly burned in.
What struck me immediately is their neutrality.
Watching AV.showrooms video on youtube and hearing all good comments made me decide to try your interconnects.
Thank you again for a very affordable quality cable.

Irenee G – Auckland, NEW ZEALAND

Hi Pete,

I have some interesting news for you…

I’ve been listening to your Spirit interconnects and speaker cables for a bit now. I had a top audiophile friend visit today and in his words, “you have reached stratospheric high-end sound, the mids are gorgeous, the sound is balanced, and there is no particular part of the sound that draws you in, the tonal balance is perfect, this is the best sound I have ever heard”. This client has extremely good ears, he is a musician, audiophile and hosts concerts in his house, mostly classical and baroque type. His son is a top violinist too. Better compliments than this you won’t get!

One word of advice to anyone thinking that your cables are too tamed, “re-evaluate the system synergy, you won’t be sorry”.

Your cables tread a very difficult line between musicality and resolution. If anything is out of place, it won’t be the cables, that’s for sure. Another thing that my client’s seem to like is that you don’t have 3 different interconnects and speaker cables, please remain focus and don’t go gaga like so many BS manufacturers out there. You have the best cables and you don’t need to prove anything more to the world.

In the meantime, I am very satisfied with my sound and have stopped tinkering, thanks to you!

Ramsey R – Audio Tweak (Audio Dealer in South Africa)

Hi Peter,

Both the TWL Regular Digital & High Power digital cords are fantastic on my Devialet 200 !

I have compared them extensively with a Graditech Vioma, ESP Reference-II, Virtual Dynamics Master 2.0-LE.

Andy L – Ontario, CANADA

Hi Pete,

Just wanted to let you know that I am really being seduced by the sound of my system, as your cables continue to break in. It just boggles my mind how good things are sounding, particularly the better recorded

music. I am trying to sell off my recently purchased MIT cables. I am considering taking the funds from that sale to help fund the purchase of your Digital American HP cable to use with my Crown digital amp, in place of the 7+ cable. I would then move the 7+ cable to my subwoofer.

Anyhow, things are sounding fantastic as it is!

Stew G – Rochester, NY

Got the cables Saturday. They look spectacular and man are just nice in a slightly understated manner. Gotta love that. Worked all weekend so I haven’t listened a whole lot. But what I hear right now is a sense of ease. An effortless reproduction of music with no extra noise and strain. I will keep you in the know when I listen some more. Thanks for representing kick ass American quality and enthusiasm in what you do. I appreciate it.

Follow-up – In terms of hitting the 500 hr mark. I may be close but not quite there yet. I am by no means an expert at coming up with bloated words to describe performance of audio equipment. What I am familiar with is how certain things have changed what I hear from my system in my room. I don’t just sit in the sweet spot and listen. I wander around and do things. I work on my bicycles. I play with the cat. And I sit and critically listen. I use a Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum with Gold Lion KT88s and some Mullard 4003’s and old RCA 5071’s. I have a Rega Apollo and Paradigm Studio 40’s. My interconnects are from Snake River Audio. Which like you, are a small company that tries to keep things reasonable. But still spendy nonetheless. Anyway, your cables are spectacular in build and audio presentation. They are there but they are not. Two particular cd’s come to mind. Mumford and Sons and Adele. The vocals are spot on with this eerie effortless, roomfilling sound. Silent where silence is intended. Powerful and explosive without distortion when called upon. I think what these cables do they do very well and if anything they, along with my other components, expose poorly recorded audio. I guess what I can say is that what you build in your cables opens everything else up. Makes you stop and listen. And when listening critically, my brain hasn’t been more pleased. For lack of more technical words I would just close the eyes late at night and let the music do the talking and you will understand. Well done Pete.

Justin H –  Plymouth, MN

“Can you say N-A-T-U-R-A-L? Can you say M-U-S-I-C-A-L?? How about REAL??? Ok, Ok, I’ll just keep it simple…”WOW” is the right word.


  • More depth….the wall behind my speakers just moved back
  • Imaging locked in even more (and it was darn good before if you don’t mind me saying so)
  • Air/Space/Blackness… all are more……better……”just right”

The best way to describe it is to say that ‘the passing by from another room’ test just fakes you out into wondering a bit longer whether it’s live or memorex…. A very high compliment indeed.
Pete told me there’s about 100hrs on them so far and I’ve added about 10 more at this point…I can’t say what another couple of hundred are going to do but my guess is they’ll only be getting better.
For the record, my system is finicky, persnickety, and unforgiving…sort of like a spoiled prima-dona…(the notorious Apogee personality) but when it all gels, it’s very engaging.

And my system LOVES these power cords.

Cables being replaced (which I have always liked and have served me well) are available and soon to be on A’gon. Next I’ll be ordering more 8g’s for my line conditioners and then we’ll see what else.
Nice job Pete; these are keepers.”

Grant A. – NY

This is not a full review because I have not had enough time to do one due to problems with both my DAC and amp. However, I did get to listen to both cords for several hours; the 7+ on my amp and, then, the 8+ on my DAC. For several days prior and in the hours leading up to the switch, I had been using a pair of 8 gauge Purist Audio 20th Anniversary power cords ($2500 list each) on the equipment, that a friend had lent me. The Purist, compared to my own cords (which are only 10 gauge), were explosively dynamic and effortless in presentation. They had a lower noise floor and a deeper soundstage. The interesting thing is that the TWL cords, at a fifth of the price, matched the Purist in dynamics and effortlessness. They did not have the really deep soundstage that the Purist did but the latter, in comparison, sounded a bit too forward for my taste. Soundstage on both was wide and tall. The Purist were more incisive (sharper transient attacks) and separated individual lines better but the TWL overall sounded more coherent, of a piece. What is more, and of utmost importance to me, the TWL cords produced a greater harmonic richness/tonal density, without being veiled or muddy. The end result being that, in my system, I preferred the TWL 7 & 8 Plus to the Purist 20th Anniversary power cords. This is an amazing achievement for Triode Wire Labs!

Robert F – Boca Raton, FL

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