Frequently Asked Questions

How long after I place a cable order will I receive it?

Most cable orders are custom-made but occasionally we will have inventory in-stock ready for immediate shipment. Typical fabrication and subsequent preliminary “burn-in” services prior to shipping is usually 3-7 days after receipt of an order, depending on the cable-type.

What shipping service do you utilize?

We utilize USPS Priority Mail shipping service (typically 1-3 days) for domestic US sales and a highly discounted FedEx International Priority service (typically 1-3 days) for global deliveries. You can email us for a discounted shipping quote.

How do you "burn-in" cables? Is there a cost associated with this service?

We use the latest & greatest audiodharma Hi Power 3.5 Anniversary Edition with Cardas all copper-billet CCGR binding posts. This preliminary “burn-in” service is provided “free of charge” on all cable purchases.

Is additional time required for "burn-in" once I receive the cables?

Absolutely! The audiodharma Cable Cooker process does a great job in pre-conditioning the cables. However, additional “in-home” time allows the cables to “settle” within your hi-fi / video system for optimal results.

What is the best way to "burn-in" cables at home?

Based upon our experiences, 6 hours with the system “on”, and then 6 hours with the system “off”, expedites the “burn-in” and “settling time” process much better than continuously “on”. Other variations (10 hrs. on / 10 hrs. off, etc.) work as well. The rest process (system “off”) appears to be very important for letting the dielectric materials to “settle” and then properly “form”.

How long does it take for the cables to be completely "burned-in"?

It varies, from a few hours to several days, depending on a variety of factors. These factors include the thickness (overall AWG) of the conductors, type of dielectric and geometry of the conductors. Typically, interconnects condition the fastest, followed by lighter gauge power cords and then heavier gauge power cords & speaker cables. Also, some systems appear to condition cables faster than others.

What connectors do you use? Do you offer others?

After extensive & exhaustive listening tests (on a variety of diverse equipment), we have chosen the highest quality and finest sounding connectors from Furutech, Cardas and IeGO. These connectors synergize the “best” with our metallurgical conductors and associated dielectrics. We offer power cable connectors that will optimally work with variety of electrical systems throughout the world. Please email us for details.

When does the 30-day trial period begin?

It begins on the first day that you receive the cable(s). Satisfaction guaranteed or you’re entitled to a refund!

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