“Spirit 75” S/PDIF Cable

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The “Spirit 75” – The Digital Interconnect Series “Spirit 75” is a natural sounding  S/PDIF cable for audio/video connections, such as from CD transport to DAC.
Standard lengths: 0.75m, 1.23m
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The Digital Series “Spirit 75” is a natural sounding  S/PDIF cable for audio/video connections, such as from CD transport to DAC. The deep cryogenic treatment insures grain free, stunning performance.

  • Pure copper conductors with a precise 75 ohms nominal impedance.
  • Super High Quality Canare RCA & BNC true 75 ohm connectors.
  • Proprietary pure copper tightly woven braided shielding employed.
  • An organic cotton outer dielectric jacket.
  • Reduces the noise associated with digital gear.
  • Deeply Cryogenically Treated Conductors & Connectors, which provides Accuracy and Naturalness.
  • Very Flexible and User Friendly.
  • Hand-made and Crafted in the USA, using the best anti-oxidization and contact enhancing treatments.
  • All USB cables are “burned-in” at TWL, featuring a audiodharma CABLE COOKER™HIGH POWER Anniversary Edition 3.5 with premium all-copper billet Cardas CCGR binding posts.
  • 30-day Audition Trial – please see our Terms & Conditions.

Finally, a natural & balanced sounding S/PDIF cable that transforms high-resolution digital music to beautiful, natural analogue-like playback!


Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Cable Length

0.75m, 1.23m

Connector Type

RCA, BNC (with RCA adapters)

4 reviews for “Spirit 75” S/PDIF Cable

  1. Hal Rosner

    So I was using a Belden 1694A coaxial SPDIF cable from Blue Jeans to connect my Oppo UDP205 to my Schiit Yggdrasil OG DAC. I didn’t think I was missing anything as the overall sound of my system is very good. I know Pete from the audio club we’re both members of, so I figured why not give his spirit 75 a try? I needed a custom length (6 feet) and Pete was readily able to accommodate. I installed the cable and am very pleased with the results. The cable has a high quality look and feel to it, and a dielectric material that isn’t even used on my previous Belden cable. I would say this TWL cable is very neutral. I’ll be upgrading some analog cabling eventually and TWL will be my go to. I haven’t tried uber expensive cable or many other brands, but TWL has convinced me there’s no need to look any further. Thank you, Pete.

    • triodewirelabs

      Thank you Hal for your insightful review!


  2. Magnus Karlsson

    I received today ( thanks for quick delivery ) my new spdif cable. It blends perfectly with the other TWL cables I already own. The synergy is there. This cable sounds very open an neutral already after a few hours.
    Thank you Pete!!

    • triodewirelabs

      Thank you for your kind words, Magnus!

  3. Magnus Karlsson

    A great cable that blends perfectly with all of my other TWL cables. Thanks again Pete

    • triodewirelabs

      Thanks again, Magnus!

  4. Magnus Karlsson

    Goody goody

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