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The Statement series of power cords is Triode Wire Labs latest & greatest power cables to date. The premier “Obsession NCF” power cord, with over three years of continuous Research and Development, sets new standards for Ultra-Fi Power Cables. Super quiet noise floor with explosive dynamics and nuances, this new power cord incorporates several technologies that showcase Triode Wire Labs innovation and development.

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The Statement series of power cords is Triode Wire Labs latest & greatest power cables to date. The premier “Obsession NCF” power cord, with over three years of continual Research and Development, sets new standards for Ultra-Fi Power Cables… Now Made with Furutech NCF Connectors!

Super quiet noise floor with explosive dynamics and nuances, this newer power cord incorporates several technologies that showcase Triode Wire Labs innovation and development.

  • The highest quality and finest audio connectors are utilized on “The Obsession”. Cost-no-object Furutech FI-50 (R) NCF series of connector bodies and housings featuring multilayer nonmagnetic stainless steel and carbon fiber shells with a special damping and insulating acetyl copolymer.
  • Designed for all hi-fi & video devices, it produces the most natural, organic balanced reproduction with perfect PRAT! Your components are able to achieve all the dynamic ease, punch, clarity, and neutrality of which they are capable.
  • Reduces the high frequency noise associated with various components, both in audio & video.
  • A different design & dielectric utilized as compared to the TWL “Plus” series of power cables.
  • Nearly 20% overall larger diameter conductors than the High Power “Digital American” and the “Seven Plus” series.
  • Utilizes conductive silver mylar as well as patented conductive carbonized external sleeving to assist in maintaining clean signals as well as providing interference & RF filtering.
  • Deeply Cryogenically Treated Conductors & Connectors, which provides Accuracy and Naturalness.
  • Extremely Flexible and User Friendly, a Triode Wire Labs hallmark!
  • Hand-made and Crafted in the USA, using the best anti-oxidization and contact enhancing treatments.
  • All cords are “burned-in” at TWL, featuring an audiodharma CABLE COOKER™ Anniversary Edition HI-POWER Reference with premium all-copper billet Cardas CCGR binding posts.
  • 30-day Audition Trial – please see our Terms & Conditions.
  • Optional natural sounding matching Schuko Furutech FI-E50 NCF (R) male mains connector as well as the Furutech FI-UK 1363 NCF (R) for the U.K. & Ireland and the Furutech FI-50AU M(R) for Australia & New Zealand available. Ask us about optional 20 amp Furutech NCF IEC connectors as well as the slimline Furutech FI-C15 NCF (for Devialet gear)!
  • Resonance controlling dielectric potting adhesive utilized.

Each brand-new Triode Wire Labs, Inc. Power Cable is Serial Numbered and includes an Official Triode Wire Labs Cable Certificate for Authentication as well as a User Guide for Best Audiophile Cable Management practices. All cables are shipped with an Earth-Friendly, reusable as well as biodegradable Triode Wire Labs logo drawstring bag. Looking for a different style connector?, email us!

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Cable Length

Up to 6ft.

Plug Type

Furutech FI-50M NCF US-style NEMA, Furutech FI-E50-N1 NCF European Schuko, Furutech FI-UK 1363 NCF (R) for UK-Ireland, Furutech FI-50 AU M (R) for Australia-NZ

7 reviews for The Obsession — Statement Series

  1. John C

    So the Obsession NCF arrived today in perfect condition packed very well.Ftom the second you unpack it you are impressed with the feel and quality.This power cord is literally Audio jewelry.Soon after attachment to my preamplifier I was overwhelmed by how much the music became smoother,warmer,more detailed.I fully recommend this power cord to anyone in the market for one.It’s a great bargain.

    • triodewirelabs

      Thank you, John! I appreciate your kind accolades!…. Pete

  2. Robert Klein

    I picked up the Obsession power cable at the New York Audio Show and from the moment I placed it in my system from my Constellation Integrated Amp to my AudioQuest Niagara 1000 my Magico speakers came ALIVE with incredible wide and deep soundstage, detail, air, and musicality. I was using a very high quality reference power cable and it paled in comparison. I had been thinking about changing some components and the power cable made all the difference. It was like placing a new component in my system. The Obsession is beautifully made with great connectors and I cannot recommend it highly enough. I have been buying and listening to stereo system for many years, and I never had one cable bring such a smile to my face. My wife noticed the improved sound right away and asked what I had changed. Thank you to Triode Wire for increasing my audio enjoyment ten fold!!!

    • triodewirelabs

      Thank you Robert! I appreciate your kind comments! Enjoy!

  3. Skerdi K.

    In all honesty folks, if you want a SOTA power cord, this is it! No need to spend $3,000 or $4,000 on a power cord. This will satisfy the pickiest of you, regardless of the total value of your system. And trust me on this, I have tried many power cords. Pete: this is truly the pinnacle of your designs. You should be proud of your work

    • triodewirelabs

      Thank you, Skerdi! The “Obsession NCF” is a reference power cord for several reviewers, audio manufacturers and great audiophiles, like you! I appreciate your kind comments! Cheers – Pete

  4. Marcel van T.

    As my predecessor indicated allready, when you hear this powercable you don’t have to look further in future, this cable is it. It is very balanced, rich and analog sound with excellent dynamics. I also tried several powercables from other brands, compared to this powercable there was no one as stable as this one. It is a very well combination with my Devialet 440 pro/B&W 804 D3 speakers. Highly recommended!

  5. Samir Kodsi (verified owner)

    After installing the American Speaker Wires and the Spirit II XLR interconnects, I installed two Obsession NCF cords and two American Digital cords for the Tube Preamp, SS Amplifier, Digital Streamer Transport and DAC respectively. This review is for both type of cords. I am comparing to the generic OEM cords that came with my components. I plugged the cords into my Shunyata Hydra 6 power distributor.

    After about two weeks, my impression is that the soundstage is a bit deeper, laid back and the amount of details in familiar recordings is higher. As with other Triode cables, I also noticed increased lower frequency performance.

    I definitely recommend these power cords and I believe that my components are providing their maximum performance. Overall very nice sound!

    Highly recommended and these will be your last power cords!

    Thanks Pete!

  6. Scott Freeman

    After a year of happily living with a pair of “Seven Plus” power cords, I decided to purchase the “Obsession” PC and it has become a mainstay in my system and I will never sell it. At the time it was the most expensive cable I had ever owned. Three years later and I now have many high quality power cords in my system, some far more expensive than this cable. The “Obsession” has gained permanent residence on my Rogue RP-7 preamp as a holographic soundstage emerges, blooming in all directions, and is extremely dynamic yet subtlety nuanced with natural harmonic texture and timbre. And wait until you hear what it does for vocals! – What a great cable!

    • triodewirelabs

      Thanks so much Scott for your kind words and sentiments!

      Cheers – Pete

  7. John G.

    Adding the Obsession is like opening the floodgates. Added one each to my PS Audio Power Plant 12 (which immediately benefited every component connected to it) and Pass Labs INT-250 and everything opened up effortlessly. Wider, deeper soundstage and blacker backgrounds. My GF, a classically trained musician with perfect pitch, heard the difference without knowing I added these to the system – she remarked on how much clearer the system sounded upon entering the room for the first time after I made the switch. Highly recommended.

    • triodewirelabs

      Thank you John for your observations and kind comments! Enjoy!

      Cheers – Pete

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