Well, it’s been awhile since I wrote or posted something… It has been a busy summer! This was just published yesterday, by Dave Clark, the Editor at Positive Feedback magazine.

A couple of weeks ago, I shipped Dave a loom (speaker, power, interconnects) of my cables for review… He asked me to be patient since he had a ton of equipment to review first, prior to evaluating my cables.

I guess he found a bit of time to experiment with my power cables and his initial impressions here, posted today (September 1)… http://positive-feedback.com/audio-discourse/ps-audio-bhk-signature-preamplifier-directstream-dac/

To summarize, Dave Clark wrote,

AC cord of choice? Well I always review components with the supplied stock generic cord. That is what I base all my comments and observations on when reviewing. So all that above is stock. Now I am fortunate to have a good number of aftermarket AC cords here to play with… all in the hopes of improving the sound in some way. For sure the sound could change, but I am looking for something that does not change the basic characteristic, but perhaps adds a bit—like seasoning if you will to bring out the components’ best. Of course this is clearly subjective and what I like you might not… and vice versa. Which is all cool. Like I said above… Different strokes, different needs and wants. With the DS I found a number of cords to work quite well—all stunningly good in their own way, but one really did the trickThe Digital American from Triode Wires allowed the DS to open up and remain true to its character. What the cord did was pretty much up the ante a notch or two without adding or subtracting from the DS’ state of the art sound. It added a wee bit oomph and richness or warmth that either the Sablon or Neutron took off the table. I also found that while the Neutron SW16 Digital Power Cord from Dynamic Design killed it on the MPS-05, it was a touch aggressive on the DS. Ditto the Sablon. Not what I was expecting at all. The Neutron SW16 Digital Power Cord is simply stellar and a true reference, but with the DS… uh, not working my friend. Put it on the MPS-05 and “oh my brother from another mother”… true magic. And while I love what the Sablons bring to the party, uh… yeah, wrong side-dish. Not here my friend. Of course we have to consider the whole system here and any cable becomes a balancing act at best. Take the DS and place it into a different system or even mine with different speakers, and what not, and the results will no doubt be different.

So as the system stands now, the Triode Wire cords are the ticket and at a $500-$800 admission fee, a true bargain. More on these later but, damn… they are good!


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