As I’m getting ready for my trip to California for THE SHOW – Newport, just yesterday we received TWO “Best of Show” awards, from two writers from Part-Time Audiophile,

Best Room: Volti/BorderPatrol/TWL

This isn’t the first time I’ve been molecularly disassembled by this particular combination, but here at AXPONA, one of the most exciting rooms was also one of the least traveled. But this year’s Volti Audio demo, backed by BorderPatrol and Triode Wire Labs, was just devastatingly effective. This was a big room, well set up, and filled with shocking great sound. For me, no other room even came close.

What killed me was the wall-of-sound effect. Writers — and readers — get wrapped around the axle when it comes to soundstage. Specifically, around depth. That’s cool, for sure. We hear/write less about width, but it’s a crucial aspect to reproduction, especially with big venues. But then there’s height. Not every recording is an intimate setting with a solo singer, singing a capella. Picture an orchestra, for example. Or a Grateful Dead concert. Those imply size. And seeing that soundstage lift — where appropriate — is awesome. When you find it, when you hear it, it’s all the difference between “the performers, live in my room” and “you, live at the performance”.

This room was a stunner. Again.