Basically a week after Capital AudioFest in Washington, DC, I was in Manhattan for the New York Audio Show from November 10-12. I teamed up with Harbeth Loudspeakers, Acoustic Signature turntables and German-made AVM Audio Electronics.

Here’s some feedback from Stereophile’s Ken Micallef

“The AVM room, presented by Fidelis AV, was making truly beautiful sounds via AVM electronics, an Acoustic Signature Triple X turntable ($5995) with TA-1000 12” tonearm ($1995), and what I believe were Harbeth Monitor 30.1 Domestic stand-mounted loudspeakers ($3800/pair). There were various AVM components in the setup; according to Peder Baeckman, AVM’s American Sales Manager, these were the CS8.2 All in One preamp ($12,995), MP6.2 CD/media player ($8995), and SA8.2 stereo amp ($14,995). The small AVM P30 phono stage ($799) was also inline. Wiring from Triode Wire Labsincluded The Obsession Statement Power Cord ($1399), American Speaker Cables ($949/pair), Spirit XLR and Spirit RCA interconnects ($449 and $349, respectively, per pair), Spirit Digital IC ($299/1.5m), and Discrete USB Digital IC ($299/1.5m).

Baeckman played a file of the hoary audiophile warhorse “Take Five,” and while I am insanely bored by the track, the AVM presentation was like no other. I could hear the air around the instruments—but, more surprising, when drummer Joe Morello soloed, I could easily hear the varying degrees of pressure he applied to his bass drum pedal, which shifted throughout his solo. Audio wonks from on high will groan at this kind of sonic dissection, no doubt. But when you hear music you know all-too-well entirely reshaped and reanimated, as it were, it pops in your brain like Einstein’s light bulb. The AVM system sound was one of purity and focus, the Harbeths no doubt playing a big role in the rig’s excellent sense of synergy and tonality.”

From Myles Astor, Positive Feedback and Audionirvana…

“Fidelis AV put together one of the three best sounding rooms at the show. Electronics included the newly redesigned AVM products from Germany including the fully modular PA 8.2 preamplifier with selectable tube or solid-state output section (starts at $7000 and depending upon card selection goes up to $12,000 to $20,0000, the $9999 MP 8.2 Media player and the $14,999 SA8.2 stereo amplifier capable of producing 450 wpc into 8 ohms. The analog front-end was the striking $5895 (add $2395 for arm) Acoustic Sounds Triple X turntable. Speakers were the $6495 Harbeth 40th Anniversary 30.2 speakers with specially made UK poly caps, WBT-nextgen binding posts and ultrapure OFC internal wire. I could only chuckle here because 25 years ago, Harbeth speaker designer Alan Shaw was the epitome of flat earthers. We spoke many years ago at a now defunt NY Audio store and he simply didn’t believe in parts; the only thing that counted were measurements. My how times change!

Finally, Peter Grzybowski aka Triode Pete’s very affordable (in this day and age especially) Triode Wire Labs including their Premium power cords and speaker cables and Spirit interconnects and USB cable were used throughout the system.

Normally Harbeth speakers sound have that oh so typical British speakers: polite, rich, nice soundstaging. But far from the last word in transparency or resolution. Not here. I thought these 30.2s were certainly a real player in its price range and maintained that rich midrange while subtly improving their resolution. Plus life lacking in so many other rooms. Of course, much of that had to do with the choices of electronics and front-end in front of them.”

A cool video review by Stereophile’s Herb Reichert with Jana Dagdagan being expert cameraperson!

This video is pretty high quality & Hi-Def!

Right at 1:56 it becomes “Fun”!

“The first room we entered was hosted by Fidelis AV, AVM, and Triode Wire Labs. The system consisted of an Acoustic Signature Primus turntable ($1999 with Acoustic Signature Red MM1 phono cartridge), Harbeth 30.2 40th Anniversary Edition speakers ($6495/pair) atop Ton Träger speaker stands ($1450/pair), an AVM CS8.2 All in One, used as a preamp ($12,995), an AVM MP6.2 CD/media player ($8995), an AVM SA8.2 stereo amplifier ($14,995), and cables by Triode Wire Labs.”