I plan on hosting another Rave-type Audio Party on Saturday, May 21st at my home (Zip is 11758). Doors open at 1 PM.

If anyone living in the New York City Metropolitan area is interested in attending, please email me to RSVP by May 15th. Since members from the Audio Syndrome and NY Rave audio clubs are invited to this meeting, it is essential to determine the number of people attending, to ensure enough food is provided. Attendees are encouraged to bring appetizers, desserts, and beverages.

Special guests include Rob Reich and Fred Ainsley from Lampizator NA. They will be bringing their “top of the line” world-renowned Lampizator Golden Gate DAC along with the Lampizator DSD Komputer Music Server.

Another special guest will be Vinnie Rossi. Vinnie will be bringing his incredibly innovative Vinnie Rossi LIO – Ultracapacitor-Powered, Integrated Amplifier. Details below-
– LIO Directly Heated Triode Linestage (LIO DHT PRE):
Class-A, OTL, zero-feedback and “convertible” DHT triode linestage allowing for use with 2A3 / 45, 300B, PX4 / PX25, 101D / 205D, and SV811 / SV572 triode families.
– LIO DSD/PCM DAC: PCM 32-bit / 384kHz, DSD64 and DSD128. Dual-mono AKM d/a converters
– LIO Phonostage: Class-A, zero-feedback JFET design with MC step-up transformers
– LIO MOSFET Amplifier: Class AB, 25wpc / 8-ohms, 45wpc / 4-ohms, 65wpc / 2-ohms

Still another special VIP guest will be Gary Dews, owner of BorderPatrol Audio Electronics, building the finest low-powered SET & push-pull amps of the planet! My main system has BorderPatrol’s S10 EXD 300B SET amplifier with dual choke input-filtered EXD power supplies.

Main system: Vintage Rosewood Klipschorns with Volti Audio Full upgrades. Loesch & Wiesner Tube Phono & Line Stage Pre-amp with dual monoblock tube regulated power supplies. BorderPatrol S10 EXD 300B SET amplifier with dual choke input-filtered EXD monoblock power supplies Well Tempered Reference Turntable with Clearaudio Maestro 2 cartridge. Goldenote Stibbert 6DJ8 tube CD player. Lampizator Golden Gate DAC. PI Audio Group UberBUSS power conditioner. Triode Wire Labs cable loom.

Smaller room system: Vintage 12″ Tannoy Gold Dual Concentrics in Custom Tannoy MusicSeeker Cherry Cabinets (tuned port down to 26 Hz). Vinnie Rossi LIO DHT PRE. PI Audio Group UberBUSS power conditioner. Triode Wire Labs cable loom. Vinnie will be bringing his laptop with plenty of music!

As if two systems isn’t enough sonic fun, there will be a third system in the garage (Dahlquist & Polk monitors). That system can be set up outside, weather permitting… or perhaps a 4th system to be set-up – TBD!!!

Once again, please email me to RSVP & for my home address.

For those who wish to use Mass Transit (Long Island Railroad (LIRR)), the Massapequa train station is less than two miles from the party. Try to arrange a pickup from the station prior to the meeting date with fellow AC members, or as a last resort, inform me to arrange a pickup.

Rave on,