Triode Wire Labs has been long known for high quality & superb value analogue cables (power cords, speaker cables & interconnects)… but how about Digital Cables??? Well, here’s some feedback from an audiophile who purchased & auditioned my “Discrete” USB cable… “After a few weeks in my system, just wanted to highly recommend Pete’s discrete USB cables. Sitting between my audio-only Windows PC and Decware modified TEAC NT-503 DAC, this cable absolutely delivers the goods. HiFi streamed TIDAL tunes are rivaling and often exceeding the SQ of my venerable TRL modified Sony DVP-NS900V.
Simply no digital nasties, and it throws a natural sounding deep, wide soundstage. Plenty of detail and recording space ambience. Vocals are to die for. If your auditioning USB cables, I encourage to give Pete’s discrete a listen.”
“It’s a slam dunk, no brainer in my book Pete. Congratulations on another fine affordable audiophile product.”
Here’s a link to the post… AudioCircle Post