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Mono and Stereo Triode Wire Labs Power Cords Review

In summary, here’s their CONCLUSION

All Triode Wire Labs powercords show stunning sound performance levels and this, way, way above what their prices would suggest. Actually, they bring a level of sonic excellence which just recently seemed totally out of rich in their respective price regions. I can only recommend them very strongly to all who seek phenomenally capable powercords regardless of the price considerations. They have set a new price-performance ratio that surely will leave a great impact in this market segment. The Triode Wire Labs powercords are very well thought out products, built with utmost care, attention to detail and an incredible sense for visual excellence. Already the “High Power Digital American” shows staggering sound performance attributes and with the “Silver Statement” and even more so with the “Obsession”, the music just begins to sound decidedly more natural and above all, very believable.
These powercords are true gems, worthy of inclusion in top class systems regardless of price and my final verdict can only be: highly recommended!