This just released yesterday from Scot Hull from Part Time Audiophile…
Best of Show from Part Time Audiophile

Here are some excerpts…

Best Room
For me, this was a toss-up as there were three rooms that I hit that, for whatever reason, completely erased the fact that I was hearing reproduced sound in a hotel room. They were, in order of occurrence: Odyssey Audio, Vinnie Rossi with Harbeth et al, and Volti/BorderPatrol et al.

Last, but not least, was the Volti Audio Vittora demo, powered by the stunning (and familiar) BorderPatrol S20 EXS integrated amplifier and wired up with cables from Triode Wire Labs. This room, set up rather typically-for-them/atypically-for-everyone-else along the long-wall of the room, pulled the big horn speakers way apart and toed them in for a surprisingly narrow sweet spot. Ensconced, I nearly lost my head. The bass precision and sheer explosiveness nearly gave me an aneurism. Holy sh*tballs.