Additional New York Audio Show 2015 feed back from 6moons writer Steve Marsh… 6moons New York Audio Show 2015 Report

Triode Wire Labs/Vinnie Rossi Audio/Volti Audio. I’ve gotten to know the Volti Audio Vittora speakers quite well, having heard them over several years at RMAF paired with Border Patrol electronics. I have always been very favourably impressed. At this show, the Volti were partnered with Vinnie Rossi’s LIO modular system. Configured here as tube preamplifier, DAC and phono stage for $6’775, the LIO fed Vinnie’s new VR120 ultracapacitor-powered amp ($4’995 stereo amp, $9’595 for a pair of monos). I must say that the system exhibited the same wonderful rich tone it did with the Border Patrol tube amps. The Vittora speakers were demoed as I heard them before, with the separate ELF extended low frequency cabinet ($25’000 for the five-piece set) and Marchand Electronics MB42 crossover/power amp ($1’900). Triode Wire Labs provided the cabling, showing that this excellent sound could be attained with very affordable cables. Kudos. I had a lot of fun here especially listening to the wonderful selection of premium/audiophile vinyl on the Palmer turntable, Vinnie’s personal unit. This may have been my most enjoyable room at the show. Vocals were just sublime as demonstrated on record after record. The Staple Singers [Stax APP 4116-45] were a particularly memorable experience.