Finally recovered from the exhausting AXPONA Audio Show. Being in two rooms was exhausting!

I was the Main DJ in Room 314 with Vinnie Rossi Audio & Volti Audio… what great sound!

I was also in the large Dearborn Suite with BorderPatrol Audio, Volti Audio & Dynavector.

Some Stereophile feedback from the Vinnie Rossi, Volti Audio & Triode Wire Labs room…

A winning system came in the form of hand-built-in-Maine Volti Audio Alura 99dB-sensitive loudspeakers ($15,900/pair), Vinnie Rossi LIO ultracapacitor-powered integrated amplifier with phono stage and DAC ($10,470 as configured), Acoustic Signature Challenger MKIII turntable ($4995) with TA-1000 arm ($1500), and the world-premiere appearance of Triode Wire Labs’ Gold Statement power cord ($999), along with other Triode Wire Labs power cords and cables. Ella sounded gorgeous on her “April in Paris” duet with Louis Armstrong, with fabulous soundstaging but exaggerated sibilants on consonants. I could really hear how Satchmo’s trumpet and vocals seemed all of one piece (as in: the product of the same musical intelligence and inspiration), and marvel at the natural timbral contrast between trumpet and piano.